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Curtain Mesh LED Display

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Curtain Mesh LED Display is featured by very easy installation and maintenance, ultra-slim frame structure can achieve front and rear maintain according to the using environment which can save a lot maintain cost.
Fast lock and hanging structure,smart and convenient for assembly. The grid structure can reach 40% transparence,the transparent effect makes the frame as the wonderland.
Curtain Mesh LED display is Widely used in stage rental events, exhibition, wedding, fashion show, upscale disco, large hall, film, television studio and digital stage, music concert, party, night club, luxury entertainment club, building wall, advertising wall and so on.
Curtain Mesh LED Display adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance. Using transparent screen designed, does not affect body ventilation and rear lighting, lighting uniformity, low wind age resistance. It adopts syn control system to compatible DVI,VGA,HDMI,S-VIDEO, which can display various video, image-text randomly through the mode of transmission real time&syn.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China Curtain Mesh LED Display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check Curtain Mesh LED Display price with us.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China curtain mesh LED display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check curtain mesh LED display price with us.