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Flexible LED Display

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Flexible LED Display is stadium perimeter, mobile media, night club, business establishments, entertainment events, commercial advertising, stock exchange centers, bus station, customs, stadiums, studio, railways, airports, harbors, shopping malls, such as banks,schools, telecommunications, etc.
Module with small-unit and flexible design, makes possiblity of more complicated shapes for the video show. Assembling screen with soft led modules directly,saving time and effort,easy operation. The flexible chassis and soft cover design enable user to bend it freely ,so it can be assembled at any. Modularization design and no other connected cables make the installation so easy.
The maximal power consumption of a module is less than 12W only. Use soft materials, can realize the radian of S-shape, circle, arc- shaped, both Horizontal and vertical can be rolled up, and meet the requirements of creative stage.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China Flexible LED Display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check Flexible LED Display price with us.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China flexible LED display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check flexible LED display price with us.