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LED Display Technical index

Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

(1) Display screen is 1/8scan

The datas transmitted by the single net line introduced from the front controlling card are 768 * 160pixel, 1024 grades gray. The rear full color HUB PANEL at the update rate of 180 Hz each can control 256 * 160pixel, at the update rate of 360 Hz, each can control 128 * 160 pixel. Certain HUB Panels can be conducted cascading . according to requirements.

(2) Display screen is 1/4 scan

When the update rate is 180 Hz, every full color HUB Panel can control 384 * 80 pixel;when update rate is 240 Hz, every panel can control 256 * 80pixel;at the update rate of 480 Hz, each can control 128 * 80pixel. Among HUB Panels can conduct cascading.

HUB PANEL cascading, can be stated as the following: every full color HUB Panel have 2 groups of RJ-45 connecting port, every group has 2 connecting ports, 1 in and 1 out, altogether 4 connecting ports. Usually, only jointing 1 group RJ-45, at this time, the cascading among HUB Panels is series connection. If joint 2 group RJ-45, cascading has two modes (1) 1 in 2 out, HUB Panels can be series connection and parallel connection, when there are many HUB Panels in the system, the mode can ensure the completeness of signal transmission; (2)2 in 2 out, this mode is 2 sets of main controlling system to control 1pc LED display screen, in the front, there are 2 ABSEN 2002 main controlling cards to individually transmit two different sets of data, full color HUB PANEL judge the priority. The corresponding display screen position of the pixel which controlLED by every cascading HUB Panel is decided by the the No. 7 & 8 digits of the numeral dialing tray which be instalLED on the Hub Panel.