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Inherent Characteristics Of Transparent LED Display

Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

LED display is more and more widely used, good screen screen beautiful, colorful. However, in practice, the display screen in a short period of six months, or a rainy season, the first beautiful picture is no longer reproduced, color distortion, dead lights, large flower screen, and so on, professional technicians know that this must have been a device failure, or corrosion caused by bad contact. LED light-emitting devices are the most critical and life-related components of the display, for led, we pay attention to the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics, anti-ultraviolet properties.Transparent LED Display

The brightness attenuation is the intrinsic characteristic of the LED. For a display that has a design life of 5 years, if the use of LED brightness attenuation of 5 years 50%, in the design should be considered to reserve the attenuation margin, or 5 years after the performance can not be achieved; Attenuation index stability is also very important, if 3 years of attenuation has more than 50%, which means that the screen life prematurely terminated.Transparent LED Display Outdoor displays are often affected by moisture in the air, led light-emitting chips in contact with water vapor can cause stress changes or the occurrence of electrical reactions caused the device failure. Under normal circumstances, led light-emitting chip is not eroded by epoxy resin package, some defects in the design or the existence of material technology defects in the sealing performance of the LED devices, water vapor easily through the pin clearance or epoxy resin and shell interface between the gap into the device inside, resulting in rapid failure of the device, the industry called "Dead Lights."Transparent LED Display In addition to led light-emitting devices, the display also uses a number of other peripheral components, including circuit boards, plastic shells, switching power supply, connectors, chassis, and so on, any part of the problem, can lead to the display life reduced. So, if the longest life of the display is determined by the life expectancy of the key component of the shortest lifespan, it is not too much.Transparent LED Display