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Performance Of LED Colorful Display

Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

      The main performance indicators of LED display are field scanning frequency, resolution, gray level and brightness. Resolution refers to the controller can control the number of LED tubes, gray level is the resolution of the color, and high brightness requires each gray level display time is long. Obviously, these 3 indicators will make the field scan frequency significantly reduced, so it is necessary to make appropriate trade-offs on these indicators in different contexts. Typically, grayscale, brightness, and field scanning frequencies are determined by a single controller, and the resolution can be greatly improved by means of a controller array.LED Colorful Display

      In this way, each controller's grayscale and brightness is very good, the field scanning frequency is appropriate, and then through the Controller array form, to achieve a large area of control, you can realize the color of the full color of the large screen LED display controller. Independent video LED system completely out of the control of the computer, itself can achieve communication, video playback, data distribution, scanning control and other functions. In order to realize large screen, full color and high field frequency, the controller array mode is adopted in this system.LED Colorful Display

      The system can update local data via network interface (Ethernet interface), the video playback part decodes the data and obtains the RGB format video stream. Through the data distribution unit, the data are sent to different LED display controllers, the controller will display the data provided by the playback unit on the full color large-screen led.LED Colorful Display

      By point correction technology, the brightness of the LED can be adjusted by point, the brightness of the display to improve the consistency of a number of levels, so that buyers can relax led in the brightness and color requirements, LED procurement costs also greatly reduced. LED Colorful Display

     In addition, the system by point-by-step correction technology, can modify the correction parameters on-line, so that led screen after the operation can also modify the correction parameters, compensation due to the LED tube aging effect on the display, improve the life of LED screen. Therefore, the point-by-bit correction technology makes the LED module as the indoor and outdoor full-color display of the basic components of the ideal scheme.LED Colorful Display