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Porstar New Product-Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade's Features

Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2017

Pixel Pitch:P6,P7,P15,P16,P20,P30,P30,We can meet the needs of different applications; the products are widely used in outdoor glass surface building(billboard,wall, roof, column display).

Product Features

Smart Outdoor Curtain displayQuick Installation

Foolproof design make operate and maintenance easier by non-professional after simple training.

Outdoor transparent LED media facade

 LED media facade Super-thin Design

The thinnest part:12mm,thickness of the display unit 70mm,and the overall thickness of the structure containing less than 120mm.

smart curtain display

outdoor curtain display  Super-light Structure Design

10KG per SQM.5KG per Module, minimize the weight of structure. Easily replace current commercial billboard. And directly install on outdoor glass surface building.

 Outdoor transparent LED media facade

 LED Media facade outdoor curtain display Transparency Design

Maximum 80% transparency, minimum 50% transparency. Low wind-resistance design. High Rate of Visual



The utility model can be installed on the wall or directly installed on the glass curtain wall with a large area