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The Indoor Transparent LED Display is perfect for building high-impact indoor displays that command attention. Ideal for permanent and semi-permanent displays, including storefronts, concerts, entertainment venues, national landmarks, and trade shows, they are modular in design.
With high brightness and high resolution, the Indoor Transparent LED Display creates a best-in-class transparent video wall that viewers will not forget—and can be customized to fit your indoor architecture.
Light weight and smaller footprint design; allow larger digital glass led media display installation. No need installation of steel structure, the panel is directly stuck on the glass wall, it will save the cost of installation.
Widely application, our glass led display can be widely used in any glass wall building. Modularized power and signal unit could be installed and maintained from front or rear of the screen.
Lightweight: less than 18kg per square meters, minimize the loading impact on buildings, one person could finish the installation and dismantle, cost-saving for installation and transportation.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China Indoor Transparent LED Display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check Indoor Transparent LED Display price with us.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China indoor transparent LED display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check indoor transparent LED display price with us.