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Outdoor Transparent LED Display features simple and instant indoor maintenance for manpower conservation. Reducing the cost of brightening the building. The adoption of this transparent LED screen would save you bunch of lighting installations. Besides, the LED screen is more appealing for advertising.
You can randomly change contents via network cable, graphics card, and long-range transceiver. Various applicable occasions. Usable in all glass wall situations such as banks, shopping malls, theatres, business streets, chain shops, hotels, municipal buildings, landmark buildings.
First-class LED chip to ensure the long life time and high brightness of our LED screen system. Clear vivid image quality: Even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LED screen's investment.
Besides good advertising effect, Outdoor Transparent LED Display also helps lighting the glass wall, thus makes the glass wall more attractive and saving a lot lighting cost.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China Outdoor Transparent LED Display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check Outdoor Transparent LED Display price with us.
Shenzhen Porstar Electronics Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China outdoor transparent LED display manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check outdoor transparent LED display price with us.